In-depth research

We gladly advise you on market entry and accelerating the introduction of innovative products or services – and on how to remove the barriers that impede a successful roll-out.

Identifying potential

- market mapping
- feasibility studies
- stakeholder & partner profiling
- reputation research
- value chain research

Identifying hurdles
- cultural miscommunication
- political reluctance
- hidden agendas
- avoidable administrative procedures
- conflicting regulations

Emerging countries  >>
Innovations can particularly have impact in emerging economies. We are experienced in:
- China and Southeast Asia   |  West-Africa and Horn of Africa.
- accelerating innovative solutions and new technologies introduction (such as solar / wind energy).
- specialised in China's Belt and Road initiatives in Africa.

How we accelerate: gaining time.. >>
Research methods: in-depth qualitative studies. . >>

About Urban Popup – Marie-Claire Aarts

Experienced research-based strategist and author. Award-winning innovator.

How we accelerate – gaining time

Time is a crucial factor in the market entry process.

Identifying hurdles – no avoidable delays

Urban Popup accelerates the time to market.

Sustainable solutions – for old problems

Smart technologies, alternative revenue models: sparring partner en brainstorming sessions.

Emerging markets – researching your potential

Facilitating market entry in China and Southeast Asia  |  West Africa and the Horn of Africa.

Value creation – in the broad sense of the word

Towards a more sustainable, more social society and a truly new economy.

Explaining your added value

Putting the benefits of your innovation into words; generating attention and enthusiasm.

Innovation – a successful rollout

Feedback by an experienced, award-winning innovator - brainstorm sessions and sparring partner.