superhuman intelligence. artificial superintelligence

Definition of Superintelligence

Superintelligence is referring to artificial intelligence that has surpassed all human intelligence: it has become smarter than the smartest humans, in multiple tasks and at all aspects of life.

Such machines will be able to synthetize information and connect all data in the world in real-time, potentially even reprogramming themselves to become better.

The Singularity

The hypothetical point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible is known as technological singularity, mostly shortened to the singularity. It is hypothetical because there are still so many unknowns, and not scientists agree it will ever happen.

Atlas Shrugged

Some humanoid robots that, like Boston Dynamic’s Atlas, already outperform humans in many parts of the physical sphere. They are not even thought to have substantial AI capabilities yet. It is hard to tell what they are working on behind the scenes, as the company has a very targeted communication approach. Not all projects are made public.

The below video shows you the goodies.


If we are so easily manipulated by thE simple social media algorithms , we will probably not be aware of autonomous computers dominating us before it is too late.

Main issues

Why Superintelligence Matters


As we don’t fully comprehend the limits of A.I. technology, most scientists concur to have no idea what exactly superintelligence will bring us, if machines were to outsmart us at some point.

Schools of thought

There are various schools of thought on how to proceed with this level of uncertainty. Some fear a full-on battle between the species. Others foresee a merger between man and machine.

One school says we should proceed with extreme care, as these increasingly autonomous machines may represent a existential risk to humankind – once their physique is stronger and they outsmart us by any standard. Basically they would be better at almost everything.


This group of experts believes these machines may conclude that there is not much use for these troublesome humans.

Others say this is never going to happen: it is just a scare tactic and a big conspiracy theory.

Potentially this type of denial is not helpful, because the current, very basic artificial intelligence is already outperforming human brain power on many fronts. Google’s AlphaGo algorithm, for instance, beat the world champion of the complex Chinese board game GO, and displayed unexpected creativity (see video on the left).

A third school assumes there will be a symbiosis between humans and machines, wherebye artificial intelligence will augment us at all fronts. We, ourselves, will become these superintelligent super-beings.

This process is already on-going as well. Most people rely on calculators, rather than mental arithmetic, and few people travel without navigation tools.

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AlphaGo documentary

Creative & Autonomous Decision-Making

With more board configurations than there are atoms in the universe, the ancient Chinese game of Go has long been considered a grand challenge for artificial intelligence. In March 2016, machine beat man.

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